Foreword - I was a premature baby and grew up in the hospital with other sick kids. When I was about twelve years old I saw a boy die on tv for the first time in a very dramatic way. The doctors didn't do cpr or defibrillate him. It scared me not seeing the boy helped. I wondered what would happen to me the next time I went into an operating room. This site is dedicated to those TV doctors - and all of the real ones - who realize that defibs can save a child's life. Most videos open in youtube. There is a few hosted elsewhere to allow their viewing worldwide. If a link to a video doesn't work please notify in a comment or email and I will fix it.

Friday, May 8, 2015

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  • The Harvest (USA, 2013) Film
Prepping for Defib:
  • Sorry for the delay in getting your suggestions or the KDrama's posted.  I have been extremely busy at work in my real life this past year and really haven't had the time to download and edit clips or post them.

  • Was able to watch a few of the new Kyumei Byoto Ji-5 episodes.  Trying to find a site to watch and rip from.   Episode 8 might be a possibility but I can't find one to watch.  I should be getting the Korean show Good Doctor 1, 4/5, and 17 off youtube soon.

Welcome to Morgue Kids!
I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce all the Defib Kids and CPR Kids fans to a new site created by Nick, a DK fan. It is called Morgue Kids and will feature youths in tv and film who sadly did not make it.

Morgue Kids Link

Still would like the following:
If anyone from the Middle East or elsewhere can find the show called "37 dc", i'm interested in checking this out for defib clips.  This looks like a middle eastern version of Scrubs  My main source of finding new shows is the Medical Dramas wiki and this one just keeps grabbing my eye when I go over the list.

I'm also on the lookout for full seasons of the german tv series Alphateam and Hallo, Onkel Doc!  If there is any fans of these series that have them in their collection I would appreciate it if you could scan them for defib clips.

Comments and contributions are welcome here.

Please check the Wanted List on the right (mobile users "view web version"). If you know of any pediatric defibs in tv and film that should be here send an email to or leave a comment with detailed info and a link to it.

The Harvest (USA, 2013) Film

A crazy doctor and her husband kidnap a boy (actor Charlie Tahan) when he was a baby in order to use him to save their own son who has a terminal illness and is dying.  At one point the son goes into cardiac arrest and the mother defibs him one time to get his heart going.  She then orders her husband to prep Charlie for heart transplant surgery.  The defib is a real blink and miss it moment.  For those interested, this was a really good movie overall.  I recommend it to all the DK fans who like suspense thrillers with a mixture of medical drama.  There was also a scene at the beginning of the film where a boy was hit by a baseball during a little league game and was rushed to the hospital but I don't think they had to resus him.

video link

Monday, March 30, 2015

Nurse Jackie (USA) S06E06

Thanks to a contributor.

A 16-year-old girl is hit in the head by a softball while pitching a game.  She tells the doctor and nurses she's been taking steroids off and on for two years and will quit when she gets into college.  At one point she goes into VTAC and then cardiac arrest.  The doctor does cpr on her and hits her with the defib paddles but it's no good.

Chaotic Blessing (Thailand) Ep 2

Thanks to a contributor.

I have used the more literal english title for the blog post name while the video link uses it's actual show title in english.

This is a body-swapping love story.  a woman and a little girl switch bodies when both are saved from cardiac arrest at the same time.  The woman now in the little girls body falls in love with the child's uncle, who is a doctor.

yan video link

Fur Alle Falle Stefanie (Germany) S05E13 Thommy

I would like to give a big thanks to the DK Fan who was able to make this clip for the site.  He did an excellent job editing it.  See if you can notice the one boo-boo I caused while he was recording it.

Nurse Stefanie is taking care of young Tommy in the ICU.  At one point he has trouble breathing and is gasping for breath.  He then experiences tachycardia at 180 bpm.  The doctor does cpr on him before using the defibrillator a couple times as Nurse Stefanie and another lady stand there crying.

I have a theory why we can't see Thommy being defibrillated by the doctor.  My guess is the video was cropped from 4:3 to a 16:9 aspect ratio for airing on Sat1 Gold and the top and bottom halves of screen are cut off.  I assume the original aspect was 4:3 and that if an original recording is found we'll then see him in the shot being shocked.

yan video link

Dragonfly (USA) 2002 Film

Thanks to an contributor.

A young boy with cancer dies.  Apparently this isn't the first time he's pulled a code blue on the doctors and nurses in the pediatric oncology ward.  Also check out Saaya (the 2003 Bollywood remake) for a comparison of the exact same scene.

yan video llink

Bandyta (Poland, France, Germany) 1997 Film

Thanks to a Contributor.

Set in a rundown Romanian orphanage, an Englishman and a nurse fall in love.  There is two defibs in the movie.  The first happens to a sick little boy who dies and the other happens to a girl who goes into cardiac arrest when she is caught spying on the lovers.

yan video link - boy defib
yan video link - girl defib

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Strong Medicine (USA) S02E16 Black 'n Flu

Thanks to a Contributor.

A little boy named Sammy has fallen through the ice while skating.  So far doctors efforts to revive him have failed.  He's been down for over twenty minutes.  In a last ditch effort to save him they prepare to cut his chest open and massage his heart just as the scene ends.

26-March-2015: posted a new longer cut of the scene I was able to acquire.  This clip was previously posted on 21-July-2012 as an "unknown episode".  Like many other instances in this show, this was the only part of the episode boy was featured in.  it's unknown if he survived or not.

video link

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Strong Medicine (USA) S02E05 Attachments

A baby girl is going into cardiac arrest.  she is in vtac.  the doctor hits her a couple times at 40 and 50 joules with the baby-stick defib paddles to get her back.

video link

Strong Medicine (USA) S03E02 Outcomes

A baby girl is in cardiac arrest.  Dr. Lou hits her with the baby-stick defib paddles to get her heart beating again.  It appears the mother might suffer from Munchhausen.

video link

All Saints (Australia) S09E39 Love and Hate

Thanks to a contributor.

A teenage boy named Casey (actor James Ryan) is dying of Muscular Dystrophy.  His father is refusing to accept the end is near for his son.  At one point the boy goes into cardiac arrest and and the doctors hit him with the paddles at 200 joules until they get him back.  Eventually the father tells his son it's ok for him to die and he finally passes away.

video link

Monday, December 15, 2014

Heartbeat (USA) S02E03 Critical Overload

Thanks to a contributor.

A construction accident at a grade school traps a pregnant teacher and injures a number of students who have to be evacuated.  A young girl named Jennifer was pulled out from under a collapsed ceiling.  She has a possible skull fracture and other internal injuries.  Just as she is about to be loaded in the ambulance she goes into cardiac arrest.  The doctors on the scene start cpr and call for a defibrillator.  They hit her multiple times with the defib paddles till they get a pulse.  Typical American censored resus from the 1980's: cpr, defibrillation, and using a stethescope on the girls lower tummy instead of up on the chest to check for a heartbeat.

video link

Friday, December 12, 2014

Jardins Proibidos (Portugal) S01E05

Thanks to a contributor.

A young girl collapses during a stage performance and is taken to the hospital.   While in hospital she goes into cardiac arrest and a code blue is called.  The doctor does cpr on her and then hits her with the defib paddles six times [that famous asystole defibrillation!] before her heart starts beating again.

video link

note: the sound in link above cuts out of the video after the first cut.  Original Youtube uploader did this to remove a copyrighted song.  The link below has full audio.

clip download link

El don de Alba (Spain) Capitulo 1

Thanks to a contributor.

A young girl is trapped in a building fire.  They finally find her and get her out, but she is in cardiac arrest from smoke inhalation.  The paramedics go to work and intubate her and then hit her with the defib paddles but it's no use.

video link

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dr. Klein (Germany) S01E08

Thanks to a contributor

A teenage boy with cancer goes into cardiac arrest.  The doctor hits him multiple times with the defib paddles up to 150 joules until he comes out of vfib.  I included the scene of the boy leaving the hospital later on as proof it wasn't a resus doll they were working on.

Chicago Fire (USA) S03E09 Arrest in Transit

Thanks to a Contributor

A teenage boy drowns in the pool at his high school.  Paramedics arrive and revive the boy with cpr.  In the ambulance on way to hospital the boy goes into cardiac arrest again.  The paramedic intubates him  and defibs him one time before the boy flatlines.  At the hospital the doctors do cpr for one round then call time of death.

Is there any fans of Chicago Fire or Chicago PD that can point to other CPR Kids or Defib Kids clips in either of these NBC series?

clip download link

Friday, June 27, 2014

Coronation Street (UK) Ep 4740

Thanks to a contributor.

A ten-year-old boy named Simon is rushed into A and E on Christmas Day after being hit by a car while on his bike.  After he goes into cardiac arrest he's given no less than five defib shocks in an attempt to restart his heart.  Despite the best efforts of the A and E staff Simon dies.  In the waiting room his distraught mother goes into hysterics when she is told.

video link

Monday, June 16, 2014

Casualty (UK) S28E41 Unhinged

Thanks to a contributor for sending this one to dk news.  I think this is one of the best defib kids I've seen in a very long time.  See if you can pick out whats wrong with the defib scenes and comment on it.

A young boy named Evan Somers (actor Harry Harmon) comes to the ER with his dad.  He has a fever and is not feeling well.  The boy has a toy truck and an inhaler in his pocket.  They have been waiting a long time to see a doctor.  The father can't stay for fear of losing his job.  The boy doesn't want to stay in the ER without him so they leave together before the boy gets a thorough checkup.  While at his dads workplace Evan has trouble breathing and he uses up his inhaler.  Dad calls paramedics and they rush him back to Holby ER where Dr. Hanna suspects he has meningitis.  At some point (offscreen) Evan goes into cardiac arrest and cpr is started and pediatric aed pads are placed on his chest and back.  After finally getting the boy into vfib they shock him a couple times till he regains normal sinus and bp.  They then take him to the picu.

After watching this episode I have to wonder if there are more Defib Kids or CPR Kids in series 26, 27, and 28 I might have missed due to the closure of thebox uk torrent site.  I also imagine there are many clips in Holby City I have missed as well.  I tried following that show a number of years ago and it was hard to find stuff.

video link