Foreword - I was a premature baby and grew up in the hospital with other sick kids. When I was about 12yo I saw a boy die on tv for the first time in a very dramatic way. The doctors didn't do cpr or a defib. It scared me not seeing the boy helped. I wondered what would happen to me the next time I went into an operating room. This site is dedicated to those TV doctors - and all of the real ones - who realize that defibs can save a child's life. Most videos open in youtube. There is a few hosted elsewhere to allow their viewing worldwide. If a link to a video doesn't work please notify in a comment or email and I will try to find alternate links

Thursday, April 3, 2014

DK News!

Clear!...Now Shocking!:
  • Heaven Sent (USA, 1994) Film
Prepping for Defib:
  • still hunting down rippable asian medical dramas I've been watching on stream. Was able to watch a few Kyumei Byoto Ji-5 eps. Ep 8 might be a possiblity but I can't find one to watch.
If anyone from the Middle East or elsewhere can find the show called "37 dc", i'm interested in checking this out for defib clips. My main source of finding new shows is the Medical Dramas wiki and this one just keeps grabbing my eye when I go over the list.

I'm also on the lookout for full seasons of the german tv series Alphateam and Hallo, Onkel Doc!  If there is any fans of these series that have them in their collection I would appreciate it if you could scan them for defib clips.

I have added a new entry to my Wanted List for Casualty UK in addition to a request for all seasons of Alphateam and Hallo, Onkel Doc!.

Comments and contributions are welcome here.

Please check the Wanted List on the right (mobile users "view web version"). If you know of any pediatric defibs in tv and film that should be here send an email to or leave a comment with detailed info and a link to it.

Heaven Sent (USA, 1994) Film

Eddie (actor Vincent Kartheiser), a fourteen-year-old juvenile delinquent of sorts, collides with a car during a petty theft and dies in the hospital. Due to some confusion in heaven, however, he is given three days to clean up his life with the help of a beginner angel - and save his mom.

video link

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Policias (Spain) S04E03 Bajo la terrible tiniebla de la luz solar

Thanks to a Contributor

I think I got the episode title correct.  At least that's what it was called on youtube.

A young girl passes out in the street and is taken to the hospital.  Later on she is taken to a priest who performs an exorcism on her and she goes into cardiac arrest.  The police and paramedics arrive and defib her three times before getting her back.

video link

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Judging Amy (USA) S01E21 Grey vs Grey

Thanks to a new Contributor for both making and submitting this excellent clip and description to Defib Kids.

Sixteen-year-old homeless drug dealer Joseph Dutten is the key alibi in one of Judge Amy Grey’s cases  The only problem is that he’s in the hospital after collapsing and falling down a fire escape while being chased by police.  He is suffering from cardiomyopathy.   His heart stopped on the table and a donor is needed to save his life.  The attorney for the defense wants a videotaped deposition from him in the hospital, but the doctor has said that this could cause too much stress on Joseph’s weakened heart and kill him.  They proceed with the deposition, but after only the first question, Joseph arrests.  The doctor calls a code and hits him with the defib paddles twice, but it is too late to save him. 

video link

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kyumei Byoto (Japan) S04E04

Thank you to "a good friend" for making this clip out of an mkv I found.

A young boy named Hiroaki is hospitalized for an asthma attack while Hikuyo, a kindly old woman is admitted suffering from dementia.  She is under the impression Hiroaki is her grandson, who died a year earlier, and Hiroaki has the same thoughts as her.

Hiroaki experiences a seizure again.  Dr. Kudo stops Nurse Chinatsu from calling Dr. Shindo, and begins treatment.  However the boys breathing stops because his diagnosis is wrong.  Shindo and the others rush over and frantically try to resuscitate the boy.  There is a rash on his chest.  The old lady Hikuyo is reminded once again of the painful past when her grandson died as she watches the resuscitation effort.  She prays for him but his heartbeat doesn't return even after cpr and two separate defib shocks.  Dr. Kudo then starts to give chest compressions on the boy even though it looks hopeless they'll get him back.  Finally Kudo gets Hiroaki's heartbeat going and the boy escapes death.

clip download link

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Braccialetti Rossi (Italy) Ep 2 and Ep 4

This is the Italian version of the Catalan series Polseres Vermelles, which was about a group of sick kids who band together while in hospital.

Ep 2

Davide (actor Mirko Trovato), a boy with a suspected heart condition, has a heart attack one morning in his bedroom that he shares with the comatose Rocco (Lorenzo Guidi).  The staff rushes in and defibs him multiple times then wheels him out of the room after they get his heart going.

clip download link

Ep 4

Davide (actor Mirko Trovato) is going into heart surgery while his parents wait outside.  The other children are having a good time celebrating the birthday of one of their own but the mood turns somber after Davide dies on the operating table.

clip download link

Click here to see the DK post for the Catalan version of these two clips

Braccialetti Rossi (Italy) Ep 1

This is the Italian version of the Catalan series Polseres Vermelles, which was about a group of sick kids who band together while in hospital.

Vale (actor Brando Pacitto) is going into surgery to have his leg amputated to prevent the cancer from spreading.  During surgery he goes into cardiac arrest and visits the younger boy Rocco (actor Lorenzo Guidi) in limbo while the doctors do cpr and defibrillate him to get him back.  Rocco has been in a coma since passing out and falling off the high board into a pool.

clip download link

Click here to view the DK post for the Catalan version of this clip.

Josephine Ange Gardien (France) S17E02 Restons Zen!

Thanks to a contributor.

A 7 year old boy named Boon-mee (actor Sarawut Rummayan) is in the hospital because he has a heart problem and needs surgery in order to survive.  While in his hospital room he goes into cardiac arrest and gets hit with the defib paddles a couple times.  Later in surgery he goes into cardiac arrest again and gets hit with the internal paddles a couple times before his heart starts and they can finish the surgery under the watchful eye of the boys guardian angel Josephine.

If anyone can get a better quality rip of this episode it would be appreciated.

video link

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

All Saints (Australia) S03E12 Food for Thought

Paramedics Ben and Bron race against time to free a boy named Peter (actor Steven Grant) after his head gets caught in the metal bars of a security door.  Him and his friend Danny (actor Ross McQuinn) had been doing dares to see who would win the others Easter eggs.  While they are trying to free him, Peter is stung by a bee and goes into anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest.  After they finally free Peter from the door he's in vfib so they have to defib him a couple times.

video link

Chaotic Blessing (Thailand) Ep 13

Thanks to a contributor.

I have used the literal english title for the blog post name while the download link uses it's original english translation.

A little girl is shot in a drive-by shooting.  Her uncle, who is a doctor, rushes her to the hospital but is unable to save her.

clip download link

Chaotic Blessing (Thailand) Ep 2

Thanks to a contributor.

I have used the more literal english title for the blog post name while the download link uses it's actual show title in english.

This is a body-swapping love story.  a woman and a little girl switch bodies when both are saved from cardiac arrest at the same time.  The woman now in the little girls body falls in love with the childs uncle who is a doctor.

clip download link

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Iryu Team Medical Dragon (Japan) S01E10

Thanks to a contributor.  I'm sorry it couldn't be the first baby defib on DK.  It ranks up there with Maternity Ward as best baby defib though.

A 9-month-old baby boy has a heart condition made worse by all his internal organs being reversed inside his body.  At one point he goes into atrial fibrillation.  The doctors place the aed pads on him in textbook fashion for his unique condition and hit him at 20 joules,  They then up it to 50 joules a couple times but it still doesn't work.  It looks like the boy is going to die because they can't defib him any more as his heart won't take it.  The younger doctor has an idea and places the pads on front and back and they hit him again at 50 joules.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

La Storia Spezzata (Italy, 1990) Episode 4

Thanks to a contributor for this Wanted List item.

A young girl Sara (actress Elisa Giani) and her mother are in a car crash.  The mother dies on impact.  Sara is severely hurt and in the ICU.  Later during surgery she goes into vfib and is hit consecutively with the defib paddles what sounds like 4 times in a row till she comes back.

video link

Fur Alle Falle Stefanie (Germany) S07E04 Atemnot

Thanks to a contributor.

A 16 year old girl (actress Tina Hamperl) experiencing heart arrhythmia's goes into vfib and the doctor hits her with the defib paddles to get her back.

Der Bergdoktor (Germany) S03E01 Durch eisige Hohen

I don't know german well so please feel free to correct me if you watch the whole episode on youtube.  It looks like a teenage boy has a heart condition.  At one point in the hospital he goes into vfib and the doctor hits him with the defib paddles a few times up to 200 joules but can't get him out of vfib until another doctor arrives and tells them to give him a drug that puts him back in normal sinus.  Later during heart surgery (I think a heart transplant) he is hit with the internal paddles a few times but goes flatline in the end.  It looks like he's gone for good but after being kissed by I think his birth mother his heart miraculously starts beating again on it's own.

video link

Children's Ward (UK) S03E13

Thanks to a contributor.

A teenage boy rescues two girls from a chemical fire in the boiler room of the hospitals childrens ward and then collapses from cardiac arrest due to the smoke and fumes.  The doctor hits him with the defib paddles a couple times up to 360 joules before he comes back.

Hopkins (USA) Ep 3

Thanks to a contributor.

This is a real cardioversion of a baby boy experiencing tachycardia over 200bpm.  His mother stepped out during the procedure.  He was sedated prior and the shock delivered was at 3 joules.  The source labeled it as Ep 3 but it's unknown if this is correct.

video link

Maternity Ward (USA) Ep 3

Thanks to a contributor.

This is a real cardioversion of a newborn baby boy who was probably only a few weeks old at the time.  She says it appears they didn't sedate him prior to cardioversion and that in most cases, especially with children they always try to sedate unless other risk factors involved.  The contributor was only able to supply this short clip so it's unknown exactly what was wrong with him.  Even though it's labeled Ep 3, I'm uncertain which of the three seasons it's from at this time.

video link